Vision & Values

Dayspring Church

We are a small charismatic church, part of the Pioneer network of churches, based in Garforth, Leeds. As part of Pioneer, our orientation is towards an expression of Biblical, Christ-Centred, ‘non-religious’ Church, with the Holy Spirit at its core.

Our Vision

Dayspring Church exists for one reason: to see Heaven come to Earth. From Garforth, to Leeds, and all the nations of the world.

3 Cornerstones

A place to call home

Our vision is that we will live as a family, in a place where people can belong and believe. We will be a church where people are celebrated, where people are missed, where people are loved, where everyone is included. It will be vibrant, full of life and growth, overflowing and spilling out.

We are known for our love of each other.

A place to grow

Our vision is create a place where we discover our identity and purpose in Christ. The Bible is God’s revelation to us, central to our understanding of His love for us and purpose for our lives. Worship and God’s presence is key to being equipped. We are expectant of the Holy Spirit and His power to transform. This is a safe place (not comfortable) to be challenged, encouraged and grow.

We are known for our love of God.

A place that sends out

Our vision is that together we will see transformation within and beyond our walls. We will send and support people on their adventure, pioneers sent to bring God’s Kingdom into every mountain of influence; impacting Garforth, Leeds and all nations of the world.

We are known for our love for the world.


We will live as family

We want everyone to be welcome in our family and have a home to belong. We spend time with one another. We support, parent, challenge and encourage one another. Above all, we love one another. Our relationships have depth; we’re more than friends, we are family, in all its reality. We all have a responsibility to play our part.

We will live with authenticity

We are real people living real lives. We don’t want to be manufactured, forced or clichéd. We pursue truth. We’re not perfect and we don’t always get it right. But we’re on a journey to become more like Jesus. We live in the freedom that comes with God’s grace. We are free to be ourselves; to live authentically.

We will live with expectation

We believe in a living God and experience his presence and power. Signs, wonders and the miraculous are found when we gather and when we go. We live in the truth that out of his presence, lives are transformed. We are full of hope and expectation.

We will live with honour

We believe everyone has a unique, God-given purpose, something they alone can bring. We help one another discover, encourage and release their purpose, and operate in the fullness of their potential. We are better together. A body with many parts. We love, respect and favour one another; we operate out of a place of honour.

We will live with worship

We are created to be extravagant, creative and joyful worshippers. Worship is a hallmark of our lives; we worship in sound and thought and deed. Worship is a key to releasing God’s presence and transformational power in our lives.