The hardest question

50 years ago today, a small mining town in Wales changed forever. A school full of children never to see daylight again. Days of heavy rain caused the collapse of a huge spoil heap, just outside the village if Aberfan, entombing the local primary school in up to 40 feet of slurry. In a matter of minutes, 116 children and 28 adults tragically lost their lives.

It’s events like these that pose the hardest question for people of faith. ‘Why?’.

The truth is there is no answer to this question that is ever really good enough. We can’t reason or rationalise these events: when we find ourselves in loss or disappointment or despair.

But like Job, when the questions and words of wisdom run out there is one thing that remains. Jesus. God with us.

His presence is everything and the only real answer to these questions. He chose to walk alongside us in our suffering, even taking it upon himself to the cross. That we might know that through Him all things have been reconciled to God.

All things. Even days like today.

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