Sweet smelling incense

“Mummy, I’m all covered in glory!” shrieks Hannah, my super energetic 5 year old niece. It takes her Mum by surprise, who genuinely spends the next ten minutes wondering how to respond to this theologically, before realising she is, in fact, referring to her swimming lesson.

At first this made me laugh, but then it struck a chord with me. A deep truth, one that while we may not always feel like or be aware of, is true all the same.

Just as Hannah, having spent the afternoon plunged in the local pool, found herself covered in its chlorine, so do we, having been plunged into Christ himself find ourselves covered with the sweet aroma of God’s glory. Namely His tangible manifest presence. His tangible manifest goodness.

And in the knowledge of this truth we become a living prayer. A sweet smelling incense, a pleasing aroma.

Not just to those around us but to God himself.

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