Tidying up the mess

How often do you get song lyrics wrong?

Listening to the radio in the car, with background traffic noise and arguing children, often means my version of the latest hits make no sense what so ever.

The other day Berkley (age 3) was demanding to listen to the ‘Mess it up’ song. Frustrated, and with much volume he requested this song which his sisters told me was his new favourite after all.

After going through each track in turn, No 8 on the CD seemed to ease the situation and be a suitable track for my son.

However, on listening to said song, at no point do the words ‘Mess it up’ feature in this kids bible-verse-to-music album.

All three are singing with great vigour; “Mess it up and clear it up, Mess it up and clear it up, mess it up and clear it up – and you will see God!”

In fact the verse they are singing is: Matthew 5 v8

“Blessed are the pure in heart, Blessed are the pure in heart, Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

They took huge personal offense to my giggling at the new lyrics, but I genuinely found so much truth in their version!

Nothing could be more biblical, than; ‘mess it up, clear it up!’ I also enjoyed the irony considering the amount of mess they make at home!

Jesus calls us to clear up our messes.

Being a Christian does not mean we can avoid the consequences of our actions, disregarding them for Jesus to tidy up after us.

Grace is not an excuse for us to mess up. The Holy spirit is not armed with a dust pan and brush, or even in some cases an industrial strength hoover!

No, Grace is in fact the means by which we can tidy up.

Grace humbles us, it makes us see our broken selves as whole because of Jesus’ death on the cross.

Grace helps us see others as Jesus does. It severs superiority complexes, it catches us when we think we are above saying sorry, it sticks a pin in the map of stubborness in our lives.

Despite our mistakes and bad choices, how we tidy them up and make them right can also bring grace and life, freedom and forgiveness to others.

Grace that multiplies Grace, over and over.

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