Brave Kids

Brave, bold, best friends of Jesus.

Brave Kids Church is a place for our kids to get to know Jesus, worship and pray together, learn from the bible, and build strong friendships.

A place of encounter; where they can experience the presence of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of their Father God for themselves.

Brave Kids Church is split into 3 age groups:

  • Pips

    A fun party time for our precious little preschoolers.

    Age 2-­4

  • Joy Club

    Nurturing happy hearts in our little ones.

    Age 4­-7

  • Glo

    Encouraging our biggest to shine brightly.

    Age 7-­11

Brave Kids Church

Brave, bold, best friends

BRAVE is the name for the Kids Church programme here at Dayspring Church. We believe their time at church should not just be about knowledge learning, but about experiencing the love of God for themselves.

Our desire is that our children will grow up knowing they are Jesus’ best friend and that with Him they can do incredible things.

We will inspire and encourage them that this is a real, exciting, extraordinary relationship and that they have the capacity and ability to do and be who God has made them to be; that they are, “Bold, brave, best friends of Jesus!”.

One church, 3 age groups

BRAVE is split into 3 age groups and each group follows a slightly different format, suitable for the age and abilities of those children. All however have the objective of simply facilitating a safe environment where each child can discover his or hers unique identity and build a real, personal relationship with Jesus.

The two younger groups begin their session at 10:30am and have a time of fun, energetic worship together led by one of the Dayspring worship leaders. Uninhibited, they have complete freedom to express themselves with inflatable guitars, instruments, dancing, ribbons and much more.

GLO begin their session in the main meeting with the adults and join in with the adult led worship. At about 10:50am all children then split into their 3 groups and spend time learning about, and hanging out with Jesus.

The Groups


PIPS is led by a core team of 6.

They will have a time for a snack and a drink, a chat and story, there will be games and craft activities and a toy play area.

The children are encouraged to join in but if some of the younger ones simply want to play with the toys that is fine too. Each child is encouraged at their own pace.

We try and do lots of party style games to make this time for them as fun as possible. We also encourage the children to start learning how to pray for one another and together.

Joy Club

JOY CLUB is led by a great team of 8.

After a time for a discussion around a theme, bible story and a snack, the children have free time to choose from a variety of activities. They can spend time using these resources and areas to explore the theme on their own or with friends.

These follow 3 core areas:

Active: which could be a big construction project, den building, science experiments etc.

Reflective: a cosy quiet zone where they can pray, draw, write in their journals and chill out.

Creative: an area to get messy and arty and express themselves.

There is then a time for them to come back together and share what they have been doing and them a time to pray together.


GLO are currently doing the Youth Alpha course as we believe they are ready to learn about Jesus in more depth and have the opportunity to ask and discuss some of the bigger questions.

Our hope is that we will do a GLO Alpha every couple of years so that all children by 11 will have had the opportunity to do one.

Ordinarily GLO follow a similar style programme to JOY CLUB, but have the opportunity to look at topics and themes in more depth.