Papering over the cracks

We’ve had the builders in this week to convert our damp cellar into a nice usable utility room. And he first job was to take down a poorly constructed breeze-block … Read More

Right by our side

The kids started back to school this week, which means a return to the daily school run. After the chaos of the breakfast routine (“drink your drink, have you brushed … Read More

A season of fruitfullness

Believe it or not, it’s officially meterological autumn. Schools start to go back (hooray), Bake Off is back on telly and Pumpkin Spice latte’s are in Starbucks. Next up Christmas! … Read More

Faith in action

One of the contradictions that seems to exist when understanding grace, is the tension between faith and works. Do we receive forgiveness simply though faith and trust in what God … Read More

Certain and secure

In a time of uncertainty, more than ever, we need to know how certain our place in God is. As we see how flimsy the promises of man are, we … Read More

Lift our eyes to Jesus

Today we’ve woken up to some significant news and a major milestone for our nation. There’s mixed emotions in the air, and a lot of uncertainty about what our future … Read More

Prince of Peace

This has been a week where we have been starkly reminded of our need for Jesus. Fear and hate have been on display, taking the lives of over 50 people … Read More

Walking with fresh eyes

Mental Health is often an overlooked area, and with 1 in 4 people experiencing some type of mental health issue, it is important we learn how to look after ourselves. In this video blog by Lee J, he explores issues of mental health in the Church and has provided some useful resources for us to use.

He first loved us

In the gospel of John there is a reference to ‘the disciple that Jesus loved’ and most scholars agree that it is refering to John himself, who wrote the book. … Read More

Walking as a witness

After the resurrection, Jesus chose to reveal himself privately and personally, to some of his closest friends. He didn’t come down on clouds with a trumpet fanfare and with angels … Read More