Take a real rest

The message of the world is to strive. Strive to do more, be more, have more. In fact it is a message that you will hear throughout much of the … Read More

Tidying up the mess

How often do you get song lyrics wrong? Listening to the radio in the car, with background traffic noise and arguing children, often means my version of the latest hits … Read More

The Kingdom came to transform

The kingdom of God did not come to make man conform to a certain pattern of behaviour, instead it came to transform us. As new creatures we enjoy righteousness with … Read More

The Spirit of Prophecy

When our son was born we spent the first two weeks in Intensive Care. The beeps of the machines, the 24 hour glaring lights, the fear was all consuming. He … Read More

Onward and upward

I often find myself longing to go North. The further, the better. There’s something about the North that has always attracted and drawn me. For every mile I go the … Read More

The hardest question

50 years ago today, a small mining town in Wales changed forever. A school full of children never to see daylight again. Days of heavy rain caused the collapse of … Read More

Sweet smelling incense

“Mummy, I’m all covered in glory!” shrieks Hannah, my super energetic 5 year old niece. It takes her Mum by surprise, who genuinely spends the next ten minutes wondering how … Read More

My yolk is easy

This is the current contents of my handbag, or should I say backpack: purse, wetwipes, notebook, crayons, four changes of boys clothes, potty, hand gel, plasters, toy car, sweets, stickers, … Read More

The spell of Heaven

Post bath time, the girls bobbed about on the bed, straining to reach the teasing flecks of gold. Their giggly puffs of breath wafted the stardust about. For in reality it … Read More

Space invader

Personal space is a rare luxury as a Mum of 3 small kids. Bathtime becomes a santuary! This time I’m barely in when I hear chatter through the adjoining wall. … Read More