My yolk is easy

This is the current contents of my handbag, or should I say backpack: purse, wetwipes, notebook, crayons, four changes of boys clothes, potty, hand gel, plasters, toy car, sweets, stickers, hair bobbles, socks, and much more besides. My parenting carpet bag, rammed full of aids for all eventualities.

I had a daydream the other day that I was like Mary Poppins, flying up into the sky, backpack, pushchair and all. Kids in tow holding hands hanging as we floated up as I precariously clung to an umbrella. We looked very amusing!

So what’s this got to do with God’s will you ask?

He wants me to realise that amidst all the business, chaos, choice making, self doubt, elation, tears of joy and weariness, I am walking in His will for me.

How do you know you are in step with His choices? For His burden (or you could say His purposes for you) should feel light. It should not feel heavy or ill-fitting or weigh you down. It should not bring darkness and fear or unsettle.

His purposes may be big but there is an unexplainable freedom, that defies gravity when you are in pursuit and carrying that which God has given you.

So reassess what you are holding onto today. Is it keeping your feet firmly on earth or is it bringing freedom and sending you soaring towards heavens borders with a smile on your face?

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