Hello and welcome to the on-line home of Dayspring Church, Leeds.

Our Sunday morning gathering is called “Baseline”. We also meet together in small groups throughout the week.

Click here for the dates and locations of our upcoming Baseline meetings. We start at 10:30am then afterwards we have a time for tea, coffee and chat before finishing around 12.30pm. All welcome!

Over 55 and older? Remember the Word Lizzie brought back in September. Your Father is saying he is proud of you. He knows you have fought battles (usually in private) and have the scars of victory. You are still here, pressing on and you will be first in line to receive the second pressing of Oil. There is Gold and Treasure over you, just draw it down from Heaven – you have the ability to do so.  (Allan & Lizzie Cox, 14th September 2014. Podcast is available to download).

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